Frequently Asked Questions


What are your options for storage?

We offer several types of storage to fit your needs. We have indoor climate controlled storage, Indoor non-climate controlled, Outdoor parking spaces and 8×10 storage options.

Climate controlled – Our climate controlled spaces are 20×50 (1000 square feet). Customers must sign a one year lease and have power placed in their name for their space. Electric roll up doors are 14 feet tall and 14 feet wide. Separate walk in doors.

Non-climate controlled – 20×50 (1000 square feet). Roll up doors are 14 feet tall and 14 feet wide. Rental is month to month.

Outdoor parking spaces – we have two options for outdoor parking. We offer spaces that are 13×50 and 12×30. Rental is month to month.

8×10 storage – We have recently added a unique option for storage. We have shipping containers that have been modified to provide safe and secure storage for your smaller items. These spaces are intended for our outdoor parking space customers to store things such as coolers, floats, beach chairs or whatever you typically keep on your boat but do not want to expose to the elements.


Is your facility secure?

We have installed a fence around the property. Our entrance is controlled by a sliding gate that is controlled by each customers unique code for entry and exit of the property. We have also installed security cameras with the latest in AI technology.


Do you offer an area for wash down?

Yes, we have an area set aside for our customers to wash down their boat, camper or motor home.


Do you have restrooms on site?

We have a community restroom for our customers. It is located inside of our fence and it stays locked with each customer having access with their unique access code.


What can we store at your facility?

We allow our customers to use their space to store personal property as they see fit as long as items are not considered hazardous to others.


Can my business use your facility?

Yes, we do allow businesses to use our facility to store extra materials, files etc.


Can I operate my business out of your facility?

We do not allow store front type businesses to operate at our facility. We do allow a small business (one person operation type) that does not have foot traffic to work at our facility.


If my business rents a unit can our employees park their cars there?

We do not allow extra parking for employees or guest. If your business has a unit and your employees need to park their vehicles during business hours they must park inside of your unit.


If I rent a space am I allowed to work on my car, truck, boat etc?

We allow individuals to “tinker” with their personal property. Working on your vehicle or boat is one thing but if you are working on other peoples then we would consider that a business, so that is not allowed.


Do you offer typical storage for homeowners?

While we do not mind individuals renting our spaces for their personal belongings, all of our units 1000 square feet (20×50). We do not offer the typical 10×10, 20×20 etc type storage at this facility.